Candise Miller is the co-founder and creative director of Crayon Digital a boutique design and development agency dedicated to helping creative entrepreneurs and small business owners infuse their personalities into authentic and successful digital platforms. She combines 15 years of design experience to guide her clients through the branding, photography web design process’. Through beautiful content, thoughtful commentary, insightful inspiration and resources; she shares her experiences of life, work, womandom, and motherhood on her blog Eat.Play.Luv.

When I manage to escape from behind my camera lens or computer screen, I enjoy binge watching Netflix with my husband and spending quality time with my kiddies. You can find 20 Things About Me Social Media Won’t Tell You  here.

Candise has found a real passion in encouraging women to develop fufilling, purpose-driven lives and careers. She hopes to inspire other women to redefine and challenge the traditional definition of motherhood.


Eat.Play.Luv is a collection of musings about business ownership, mommyhood, self-development, and how to maintain a sense of self when life makes it seem impossible. Basically, getting sh*t done in all aspects of womanhood, motherhood, business and life. All of this sprinkled with bits about life with her husband, 4 little ones, and schnoodle pup. Blogging since 2007, the topics may have changed but she has always used her imagery and creative skills to share her thoughts. More recently Candise has been sharing lessons learned concerning pursuing your passion and building a life you want despite your circumstances.

I empower women to understand & unlock their full potential despite societal constraints by equipping them with the tools necessary to craft & maintain successful digital representation (brands). More specifically I create experiences that infuse women with confidence and project that authentic representation to the world. My work is a medium through which their unique beauty and multi-faceted skills can glow.



Keep life beautiful, interesting, and fulfilling – always ready to be more, do more + never forget about you!



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