Baby #4: 7 Month Update

It’s getting closer and closer. Fall is finally here, the cool weather is setting in. Next thing you know the holidays will be here and our little bundle of joy will be making her entrance into the world! I am 28 weeks and 3 days. That means, 11 weeks and 4 days left until her arrival. Can you believe there is only 92 days left until Christmas!? Where did the year go? Luckily it’s been smooth sailing. Although my contractions I haven’t had to set foot in the hospital or any special runs to the doctors (knock on wood). I am doing ALL I can to keep it that way until December. Since school has started for the [older] little ones I have been busy running around so the weeks go by fairly quickly.

She moves sooooo much and feels like a boxer…. or maybe a kangaroo. I’ve got some serious alien action going on in that belly of mine and I can only imagine what it will look like when she gets bigger and looses space in there. While she’s growing, so am I… On weight gain. I usually gain between 13 and 15 pounds. My son was 7 pounds and both my girls were about 6 pounds. Before you start pregnancy shaming me, I’m not a big person to begin with. This time around at 25 weeks I had already gained 12 pounds. I’ve gained about 13 thus far so I’m sure I will surpass that 15 pounds by the time December rolls around.

My cravings have been pretty limited. I have had a strange craving for lettuce. I’ve been chomping on lettuce pieces like they are potato chips. This is outside of my random cravings for milkshakes and pizza. But I digress. I think my nesting is right on par with my other pregnancies. I want to clean everything but can’t even walk down the hallway without sitting down to catch my breath. I know my hubby doesn’t have a problem with that because if I had more physical strength I would have probably rearranged every room in the house a few times already.

I finally pegged down a color for the nursery and found some small details to make her room special. I would have never gone in this direction with my other girls but I think my vision will turn out beautifully. I can’t wait to show you all what I have planned for the space.


One thing I am super excited about with this pregnancy is that I am lucky to have the opportunity to take a different approach on the birth of my daughter. I can remember my first time being pregnant. I read every book and article I could get my hands on. I googled, and self diagnosed every symptom I [thought] I had. When it grew closer to time I proudly handed my doctor a well thought out and neatly typed birth plan. The thing I did not know was that the plan I had was not necessarily God’s plan or my body’s plan for that matter. At 37 weeks I went into labor and all of the plans I thought I had came crashing down. I was scared enough to give birth naturally but when I found out the morning of my sons birthday that I would be having a c-section, I had never been more terrified.

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Being I hadn’t been in the hospital for anything even as small as a broken bone, nothing could have prepared me for major surgery and it’s recovery. It was tough, way tougher than I expected. With each cesarian I have had since then the recovery has been easier on my body so I am hoping this one follows the pattern.

jay_birth_1This time around I’m all about experiencing as much as I can. I first heard about “maternal assisted cesarean sections” or “family centered cesarean” through a post a college friend of mine who is now a maternity nurse reposted on her Facebook page. I started looking up the approach to see how common and accepted this practice was, being I haven’t had a child in 4 years and I know how rapidly things can change. Normally, babies born by cesarean delivery are brought to a newborn resuscitation unit, examined, cleaned, banded, administered medications, weighed, and swaddled – all before being introduced to the mother. During this time, I have usually passed out from all the medication swimming through my system and don’t get to see baby until I’m out of recovery.

In the family friendly cesarean, the procedure takes on a more ‘natural’ approach that mimics the situation at vaginal birth by allowing the parents to watch the birth of their child as active participants by lowering the huge drape enabling the view of baby being born, and the baby to be transferred directly onto the mother’s chest for early skin-to-skin contact as well as breastfeeding to take place. At some hospitals woman are even scrubbed in to take an active roll in assisting doctors in pulling baby from her womb. It didn’t take much convincing to know that this was exactly what I wanted. Luckily my hubs is pretty laid back when it comes to this stuff so as long as baby and I would be safe he was all in! Luckily my hospital is one of the few in the country to have caught on to this sentiment and it’s doctors are offering this more “friendly” version of the normally cold, impersonal surgery. While I don’t feel ashamed by having 3 (1 unplanned and 2 planned) my children via c-sections I have always been envious of women who give birth naturally because they have a completely different experience.

So long as I don’t go into labor before my scheduled time I have the opportunity to experience birth a bit differently than I have in the past, that’s something I really look forward to.
Resources: The Gentle Cesarean // Mother-, baby-, and family- centered cesarean delivery: It is possible //

Requesting Sterilization. A few weeks ago I received a form from my OB office boldly labeled “Sterilization Request,” I was taken aback because I had already discussed the option to have my tubes tied with my doctor and we agreed that it would be done on the back side of my cesarean. This is baby number four and I am more than sure that I do not want anymore children after this but when I saw the word “sterilization,” “permanent,” and “impossible to conceive and/or bear children” I was so put off it almost made me change my mind. Well, not quite change my mind but it did make me feel some kind of way.

As I said earlier the time is just ticking on and I’m just counting down the days. Can’t wait to meet this baby girl.



Author: Candise P. Miller

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