Happy New Year 2018

2017 was pretty interesting (at some points downright weird) and I’m looking forward to all the things that 2018 has to offer. I love this time when everyone is positive and reflective and ready to make changes. My biggest goal for this impending year is to be consistent. Consistency is key to making anything happen and that’s what I’m focusing on this year.

One year I’ll jet off to Vegas and ring in the new year. But since the weather really is insanely cold and we are enjoying the last few days of winter vacation before everyone heads back to work and school we are spending New Year’s Eve right here in the house and I’m perfectly fine with that. Hope you all have a safe and festive evening!

To you from my family to yours, all the love, light, peace, blessings and prosperity for this new year. ✌🏽

Author: Candise P. Miller

Photographer, multi-disciplinary designer, and mommy. Candise is a New York native currently residing in Washington, DC with her husband, four tiny humans and pup. She is a passionate creative and mom on a mission to live the life of her dreams and inspire others to do the same.

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