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Hi! I’m Candise. I am a passionate creative and mother on a mission to live the life of my dreams and inspire other women to do the same. I am a mom on a mission to pursue her dreams and build the best life for my family; it is a journey that has its ups and downs like any other and this is the spirit of my blog; redefining what it means to be a mother.

I have 4 children that I often refer to as my ‘tiny humans.‘ I know from firsthand experience just how hard it can be to maintain your identity after having children. I started this blog to chronicle my journey in life to achieve my goals, grow my business, raise my beautiful babies + all while preserving my individuality outside of being a mother.

On my blog you will find a collection of my musings about business ownership, mommyhood, freelancing, goal setting, productivity, self-development, and how to maintain a sense of self when life makes it seems impossible. Basically, getting sh*t done in all aspects of womanhood, motherhood, business and life.

Who is my blog for, specifically? My blog is for millennial moms and those alike who haven’t stopped or don’t want to stop living just because they’ve started a family. Are you on a journey to do the same? Are you interested in seeing how I choose to balance my life? What will you gain from following me? I hope to inspire other women to redefine and challenge the traditional definition of motherhood.

How can you follow me? Check here to learn more about me. You can subscribe to my newsletter or on Blog Lovin’  so you don’t miss a thing, catch my snapshots on Instagram, see all the content I think is interesting as well as my two cents on hot topics on Twitter. I also like to keep my followers updated by sharing on Facebook. See what I’m pinning on  Pinterest.

If you’re a new reader or have any questions; I look forward to hearing from you! For any media/sponsorship questions email ieatplayluv[at]gmail.com.

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